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Frogs, Toads, and Salamanders

Over the last ten years, we have been conducting regular listening surveys at the great number of vernal and ephemeral pools throughout the park. Our listening surveys (monitoring), based on the Thousand Friends of Frogs listening survey protocols from Hamline University, are conducted in the spring and summer.

Many Frogs, Toads, and Salamanders make Hartley Park their home. Popular locations for spotting amphibians in the park include Fairmont Pond and along the shore of Hartley Pond. To learn more about amphibians in Hartley Park, click on the links below. You can also purchase books on amphibians at the Hartley Nature Center store.


Frogs & Toads

Common in Hartley Park:
Wood Frog Spring Peeper
Western Chorus Frog Gray Treefrog
Less common in Hartley Park:
Green Frog American Toad
Northern Leopard Frog Mink Frog


Hartley Frog and Toad locations map

2010 Frog Survey results



Eastern Red-backed Salamander Blue-spotted Salamander


Hartley Salamander locations map


Eric Bloomquist


This page is in memory of Eric Bloomquist, who left us some

months after he graduated from Duluth East High School in 2007.

Eric loved frogs and held frog parties for his frog-loving friends.

His jokes kept his classmates and friends in the “Cookie Club” in

room 131 and everyone who knew him in good spirits.



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